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How long does it take to get a gift card?

By Epix . Created on 17 Sep, 2021
Internet 90 votes | 11 Comments
A long time

A long time

Short time

Short time

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A long time
Ivy Charmagne said on Sep 25, 2021
Not sure. As long as I get one
Elizabeth said on Sep 21, 2021
i dont mind waiting of it means i can save 200 points or so that would have to be used for eftpos card of the same value and 10 guftcards of $20 over one year means 200 times 10 =2000 points that saves me $20 a year
Short time
Karl said on Sep 20, 2021
Mine took about 6 - 8 months to rack up the points, but about 3 weeks to arrive after ordering.
Maree said on Sep 19, 2021
Can take a while if you buy in store as you may have to read quite a lot to get the one that matches your friend!
Short time
Paul said on Sep 18, 2021
some are available instantly
Short time
Alex said on Sep 18, 2021
i'm not sure, i'm new
Anonymous said on Sep 17, 2021
how do i unsubscribe thats ridiculous
Les said on Sep 19, 2021
Get into the help, contact them and ask to cancel your membership
Les said on Sep 17, 2021
About 2 months based on this year so far. Too few surveys and too many rejections. Also, no Paypal available. Becoming marginal to remain for me.