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Netflix or Amazon prime video

By Maryam . Created on 15 Sep, 2020
Which streaming service has better content?
Movies and TV 119 votes | 12 Comments


Amazon prime

Amazon prime

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Sandra said 3 weeks ago
Neither - I have Foxtel and definitely don't need anything else
mumandnan said 4 weeks ago
what about those of us who choose the better things in life rather than watching rubbish dished up as "entertainment"
Faye said 4 weeks ago
Kanishk said 4 weeks ago
i like to watch netflix instead of prime videos.
netflix have more options
Amazon prime
Tim said on Sep 23, 2020
Love it
John said on Sep 22, 2020
Yeah - far better range of movies on Netflix. No real benefit with Amazon Prime membership and I agree with Wulandari on that one!
Wulandari said on Sep 22, 2020
Amazon prime
Maryam said 4 weeks ago
how do you find it expensive? isn't it around $5 per month if you buy annual subscription. And you also get free prime delivery.
keng said on Sep 22, 2020
nothing to add