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Do you agree with the restrictions of the state and lockdown policies ?

By Wing Yee . Created on 26 Sep, 2020
The lockdown of Melbourne let the economic recession happen and spreading all over Australia? Do you agree this statement
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Frank said on Oct 14, 2020
Safety first
Jodie said on Oct 7, 2020
Awful what’s happening. We need to be safe but we also need to look after our economy
Colin said on Sep 28, 2020
Gotta be safe..
Tim said on Sep 27, 2020
Love it
Mrs said on Sep 27, 2020
It is all a matter of priorities. My sister lives in London. She is allowed out on a daily but restricted basis. She chooses to live safe and has left the house once in 4 months to get a flu shot. Some people have different priorities than the lives of others.
Simone said on Sep 26, 2020
l'm 50-50% happy with the ways thing have been going, It would be nice if shops, Restaurants and a few other things. Where open like picture theatres and Zoo's, where people can get out and feel like we are having a life. instead of being locked inside our home for 23 hour day 24/7 for the last 6 months where we all as a world come together to die slower of depression......