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Which one is better?

By H NB . Created on 09 Oct, 2020
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Ashley said on Oct 22, 2020
This one is a tough decision.
Coles meat deli selection is better due to Woolworths putting their deli meats on paper display.
Woolworths also removed Kangaroo Herb & Garlic skewers from their selection which lost points in my book.
Coles also have a greater selection cat food for my cat's tastes...
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Marion said on Oct 20, 2020
Aldi is better than both but out of these 2 only, I think Woolies is slightly better, they have better weekly specials than Coles most weeks and I find they are slightly cheaper on their "non-special" prices as well
Harley said on Oct 16, 2020
Mrs said on Oct 17, 2020
It is a good shop when in reasonable travelling distance. e.g. less than 100kms
Harley said on Oct 16, 2020
green is Gods colour of plant life
Ken said on Oct 15, 2020
Both suck but woolies is my closest walking option.
mumandnan said on Oct 15, 2020
Neither is better or worse. We shop at both as well as Aldi and IGA. Horses for courses. Depends what we wants and which store stockes best brands/quality products.
Mrs said on Oct 15, 2020
While I mostly shop at IGA I have to agree with you that all have some good value items at times. So do some shop hopping.
Ikrmj said on Oct 13, 2020
Coles is good because of flybuys
Aaron+Nolan said on Oct 12, 2020
We used to supply both as wholesalers of produce. Terrible produce on the shelves we would reject.
Aldi is giving them a run for their money. We Germans are not all bad.... ha ha.
Ikrmj said on Oct 13, 2020
Haha, aldi is good too