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What's more ridiculous: Fruit Mince Pies sold in September or Hot Cross Buns sold on January 2!

By Omni . Created on 10 Dec, 2020
Ihave experienced both these things in the past year, Woolworths at least is getting some extreme ideas about both these things being sold months in advance...
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Fruit Mince Pies in September!

Fruit Mince Pies in September!

Hot Cross Buns On January 2!

Hot Cross Buns On January 2!

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Kate said on Mar 4, 2021
Love them both!!! Yay!!!
Joyce said on Jan 14, 2021
If people didn't buy them stores wouldn't bother to stock/sell them. So, neither is really ridiculous. It is, as usual, all up to the consumer and what they want.
Hot Cross Buns On January 2!
Julie said on Dec 29, 2020
They have easter eggs out and it's only December 😲
ORCA said on Dec 26, 2020
Dislike shop bought fruit mince pies, should only be for Xmas. Won't buy or eat them. <br/>Like & buy fruit buns, only buy Hot Cross for their intended purpose of Good Friday, so I'll buy them the day before.
Hot Cross Buns On January 2!
David said on Dec 14, 2020
Given that both are associated with a specific occasion both are offered at a ridiculous time. However, both can be enjoyed throughput the year as fruit pies or sweet buns without the attendant decoration.
Mrs said on Dec 15, 2020
If they do not have the stars or crosses - I will buy them all year. If they do - I refuse to buy them for more than a month.
Richard said on Dec 14, 2020
I love both anytime - the hot cross buns are better cold anyway.
Mrs said on Dec 14, 2020
Hubby would agree with you - I don;t mind them hot sometimes but.
Robyn said on Dec 13, 2020
I love them both and would buy them all year round.
ChrisWho said on Dec 12, 2020
I agree with Mr Stupid (not sure about the accuracy of the name though!). Supermarkets will only stock what they can sell. And I don't care when they they are sold, I would eat either (preferably both!) all year.