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Will Sydney be in lockdown for six weeks or more?

By Ley . Created on 14 Jul, 2021
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Lubna said on Jul 25, 2021
If everyone follows the lockdown. This can end sooner. I think Its pretty much do able.
Chris said on Jul 23, 2021
Shit people doing what shit people DO!
Anne said on Jul 22, 2021
Not only should Sydney locked down, but the entire State, so that this virus is stopped from moving around. Virus' don't move, people do. At least an entire snap lock for 5 days. Then a slow and calculated reopening sections of the State.
Richard said on Jul 22, 2021
The problem needs strong action along those lines, but look out for all of the howls of uninformed vacuous BS about "freedom' and "it's all a hoax' from the usual right-wing morons that are so beloved by most of the Shtrayan population these days. Just tune in to the evening news from the ABC these days to gauge how far the flight from reality has taken us. Long articles about someone's favourite small business bein...
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Michael said on Jul 20, 2021
Should have started doing something about it sooner, not wait so long
Marjorie said on Jul 20, 2021
Greedy, selfish people always get the most - so why not Sydney. Also greedy, selfish people often get sick!
Nicole said on Jul 19, 2021
YES YES YES due to their nonchalant approach they have taken and now it’s out of control!,!
Judith said on Jul 18, 2021
They will stay in lockdown until people start doing the right thing.
David said on Jul 17, 2021
it will last for a few weeks because people won't do the right thing, and are constantly spreading it around.