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I use prescribed medications intravenously. I work, and manage to keep my life together very well. Am I a junkie?

By robert and beaver . Created on 20 Jul, 2021
I had an accident in 2010. I fell from a 14th floor balcony to the ground. After many surgeries and 30 months in hospital, i left hospital addicted to morphine. I am prescribed morphine tablets on a monthly basis, at the rate of 2x100mg a day. I inject these tablets. I am an Economist, working for an investment company. I go to work everyday, keep myself very presentable and i believe live a great lifestyle. Would you consider me a junkie because of my IV drug use?
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Enchanted Pixie said on Aug 12, 2021
You are dependant because medical professionals made you that way which is what their job is. you could enquire about the programs to get clean if that is what you want. at least 1 of them should be able assist you. Ive know fully functional, self confessed heroin addicts who were quite happy with their lifestyle, its a need to know basis which works well.
Joyce said on Jul 28, 2021
I would not consider you a junkie, you are dependent for a very good reason. Hopefully one day you won't need this anymore. Best of luck.
Pauline said on Jul 27, 2021
I understand where you are coming from, I injured my back through a accident going to work and it took me a year just to be able to walk again, I was on some pretty strong drugs. At one stage I stopped taking them and the pain was so unbearable my doctor asked me why I did that and I told him I didnt want to be reliant on them, we worked together to reduce them, I still use them every now and then to this day
Frank said on Jul 24, 2021
I too take medication for severe back pain, but only when absolutely necessary as I do not want to become reliant on it
Charles said on Jul 23, 2021
Well I've been on medication for years does that make me a junkie I don't think so as the doctors would not have given me them but I know that I ned them an cant't stop as my pain comes back I too had an accident not like yours but I was 24 years old when I lifted over my weight and had to get operated in my back area after a few years later which I didn't only had one done but three as in my first op I fell down of...
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Raymond said on Jul 23, 2021
You should be tirelessly working to take NO pills or manufactured drugs and only take them where a qualified, registered health professional advises they are necessary for good health. Don't just take a pill because you have a headache or feel unwell for a moment. There are too many junkies who rely on a quick fix or the advice of Dr. Google or Tik Tok.
robert and beaver said on Jul 23, 2021
The meds i take ARE PRESCRIBED by my Doctor
ChrisWho said on Jul 22, 2021
Addicted, Yes. Junkie, No. By the sounds of it, you are managing this well. I wish you strength in your struggle with this addiction.
Mrs said on Jul 26, 2021
What Chris here says is the best explaination I have seen of your situation.
Glenys said on Jul 22, 2021
These medications are prescribed so I wouldn't say that you are a junkie.... however, I would suggest a referral to a pain management specialist if you are ever concerned about the amount of Morphine you are taking as there could well be better ways to manage your pain.