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Which subject is better? Human Biology or Chemistry

By Penelope . Created on 28 Jul, 2021
Which science subject is better?
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Human bio

Human bio



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davidrosswollongong said on Aug 19, 2021
Human Biology has got me three divorces, so not a favourite
Wends said on Aug 4, 2021
can't decide think both are vital subjects and compliment each other
Human bio
Gail Veronica said on Aug 4, 2021
Human Biology
Peter William said on Aug 3, 2021
Mrs said on Aug 2, 2021
Depends on what you intend to do. We never had the choice when I was in high school. Both my offspring did Chemistry through to yr 12 exam level, and passed.
Human bio
Frank said on Jul 30, 2021
Both very interesting
Karl said on Jul 29, 2021
I taught my chemistry teacher how to make touch explosives when i was in year 12. I would have pursued a career in it but i didnt and that was lucky because there were no jobs.
Human bio
Penelope said on Jul 29, 2021
Haha nice 😆
Mila said on Jul 28, 2021
Chemistry in my opinion