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Do you prefer to listen to music through a speaker or through headphones

By Faith . Created on 27 Aug, 2021
Music 148 votes | 17 Comments




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Mitchell said on Sep 3, 2021
Katherine said on Sep 3, 2021
The world is a noisy place and I find that music is different to every individual and better through head phones.Nobody can tell you to turn it down, turn it off or interrupt you with head phones, because you can't hear them and they not you.
Speccyiiii said on Sep 2, 2021
It depends who, what and where I'm listening to music.
Garth said on Sep 1, 2021
Realistic with a speaker.
David said on Sep 1, 2021
Definitely a speaker, one does not need loud noise directly into the ear.
Anthony said on Aug 31, 2021
I'd like to listen to music out loud
BP said on Aug 30, 2021
use both at different times...speakers overall are my preference
Ziola said on Aug 30, 2021
I enjoy listening to music through the speakers