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Which ingredient is best to used in daily routine?

By Manpreet . Created on 15 Sep, 2021
Lifestyle 113 votes | 23 Comments




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Elizabeth said 2 days ago
milk can be made into butter, cheese and yoghurt so for sure milk is better
JadziaOz said 4 days ago
Lee said 3 weeks ago
Breakfast, but I love cheese too - although it is not very healthy
Elizabeth said on Sep 21, 2021
Diane said on Sep 21, 2021
I drink Milk every day, and eat cheese everyday. Thank God for dairy farmers I say! Also having lived in Asia many years ago where it was impossible to get "real" fresh milk, I tend to over indulge in all that those beautiful cows give us.
cramar57 said on Sep 20, 2021
Fresh, unprocessed tucker for me!
JadziaOz said on Sep 20, 2021
Where's the "neither" option?
ageb said on Sep 19, 2021
Neither for me :-( Im intolerant to both