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If forced to choose should Australia choose USA or China?

By Tushfifi . Created on 02 Jul, 2020
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Johnson said a week ago
if forced to choose i would choose the lesser of evil ......USA
Liz said a week ago
Ahhh can't choose either. USA's president is a narcissistic sociopath who only cares about himself & China's President wants 120% ruling over every single persons body & minds. Both are seriously trouble!!
sam said 3 weeks ago
pick a dictatorship? oh boy
Daniel said 4 weeks ago
USA 100%
Pieter said on Jul 6, 2020
Neither, both are run by dictators
TC said on Jul 3, 2020
Although this may be a very juvenile question and in any credible sane person's mind could only have 1 logical answer, I'm still at the crossroads as to why it was even asked in the first place !!!
Coleen said on Jul 3, 2020
Choose in what way? either way, neither.
Mrs said on Jul 2, 2020
We are an independent country - we don't have to choose.