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If you had a time machine would you travel to the past or the future.

By Lisa . Created on 04 Sep, 2021
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SandyPants said 4 days ago
I'd love to just see my Dad again & tell him how much I love him & miss him. Leukaemia sucks 👎
JadziaOz said 4 days ago
Neither. The butterfly effect could ruin life as I currently know it, and could mean I never meet my beloved husband - and I could not live with that.
Lance said a week ago
I would give myself hints as to what has happened now.
JC said 3 weeks ago
The past. Then I could put to rest all the theorist views on our evolution. The future looks too bleak for me.
Aaron+Nolan said 3 weeks ago
Can't change the past. Would like to see if the future does get brighter or is more like a dystopian Blade Runner style considering its heading for a Mad Max / Terminator one