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If you receive $1,000 from the Federal Government tax cuts, would you spend or save the money?

By Lily . Created on 12 Oct, 2020
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Marion said 18 hours ago
What tax cuts ??? I am an aged pensioner and we didn't even get our usual $6.50 September pension increase... With this Govt, the rich get richer and the poor ..we starve,
Diane said 1 day ago
I would love to say I would save it, however bills take priority I am afraid.
Nick said 5 days ago
Spending it locally boosts the economy and helps friends to maintain employment.
Ken said 6 days ago
Consumerism is the bane of my life.
Will said 6 days ago
It's such a small amount (and I am on what the ATO calls a low income), that saving it would be pointless, so I'll spend it and live a little...just a little.
ChrisWho said 7 days ago
Hahahahahahahahaha, $1,000? Hahahahahahahahaha tax cut? Hahahahahahahaha from the government? I haven't even had a pay rise NEAR the CPI in six years, I'll get $1,000 reduction in my taxable income next July (no, that is NOT $1,000 back!) and no tax cut. Like every other average income earner, I will be putting every cent (both of them) of my tax cut toward helping Australia out of this recession.
Mrs said 7 days ago
No half and half option. But that would be me.
Sav said 7 days ago
No option for pay off debt or bills. So said I would save. Ha ha..."Savings Account" what a joke of a misnomer! Barely goes in before it comes out paying for a bill. WHAT savings?