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In Phuket Thailand which town do you prefer to visit - Patong or Kata?

By Stiven . Created on 31 Oct, 2019
If you were on a holiday in Phuket, Thailand which town would you prefer to visit - Patong or Kata? this is not about the beach or shopping it's about where your heart is :)
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Greg said on Mar 2, 2020
Chrissy said on Jan 14, 2020
I like Patong as the night life is great & you're in the heart of the city. Been a few times so used to it
L said on Nov 7, 2019
What about "neither" or "don't know" as answers?
Vicki said on Nov 2, 2019
I have not been to Thailand, but my friends, who have, enjoyed Patong.
Mrs said on Nov 1, 2019
Never been there - no idea.