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Is anyone doing Dry July?

By Sherree . Created on 06 Jul, 2021
Are you taking a month off from beers, wines, spirits and cocktails?
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Average Human said 4 days ago
I’ve been dry for July since 2008, since that one night in Bangkok at a lady boy bar! 🥴😂
Trevor said 3 weeks ago
But I don't drink full stop, maybe I should drink in July only, or not.
Joe said 3 weeks ago
Wendy said 3 weeks ago
I don't really drink on a regular basis anyway.
Shelley said 3 weeks ago
Not this year as I have stopped drinking however I will be donating this year
martin said 3 weeks ago
Really have been dry since March 2010 that is gave up alcohol for a reason and this Survey site is for the Cancer Council fundraising only. Hope that those who do have alcohol will support a worthy cause for Cancer Research as it is a way of giving from the Heart.
Richard said 3 weeks ago
getting screened out of EVERY survey that MyView invites me to do is enough to make me drink, Every survey for the last 4 days. What's going on!!!!!!
Kathy said 3 weeks ago
I do not drink much, but like a glass of wine or beer with my meal when I eat out. I did not know about Dry July.