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Is buying a home 'do-able' in Australia?

By MyView team . Created on 05 Jul, 2020
Given the current situation, do you think you could afford to buy a home at the moment? Share a comment - let us know!
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Cj said 1 day ago
House prices have increased by how many percent in, say, 50 years.
Wages have increased by how many percent in the last 50 years.
Living costs are much much higher, including paying rent.
Do the math...
Murray Jc said 1 day ago
If you're not too choosy about hard work and your partner has a stable job,which works in well with both of your working times. If you are definitely in a stable relationship realising that this will tie both of you together for at least 15-20 years of your lives. Married with no children at time of commitment a necessity Both of you are disciplined and able to save each and every month whilst adding on to the...
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Maria said 5 days ago
Don't buy in the major cities- life is cheaper in the country and much more enjoyable!
Jennifer said 3 weeks ago
real estate prices have gone up a ridiculous amount and my pay is still the slame
adriorefice said 3 weeks ago
Yes, I have a settlement date soon..
GSBrooke said 3 weeks ago
it is possible, but depending where you would like to live and what is your job location
Richard said 3 weeks ago
Regional areas are very affordable and with people working from home during Covid the realization is you don't need to live in congested cities.
Monica said 3 weeks ago
it is possible, but depends on where you want to live. getting harder though.