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Is frozen 2 the best movie ever? (You should say yes otherwise we cannot be friends.)

By Lilly . Created on 27 Jun, 2020
Movies and TV 38 votes | 7 Comments




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Jamie said 7 days ago
it's great
JellyKat said a week ago
Haven't seen it.
Mrs said a week ago
I'm with the Mary Poppins no 1 then Mary Poppins no 2 then Frozen 1 brigade
Have not seen Frozen 2
West Swan said a week ago
I haven't seen any of them. Is it worth me doing so to become your friend :-)
Petah said a week ago
My daughter thinks yes
Elise said a week ago
Don't know as I haven't seen it yet, but if it's anything like the original it could definitely be a winner!
Suzanne said a week ago
I haven't seen it yet but it won't beat the original Mary Poppins!!