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Is it a Wardrobe or a Cupboard?

By Jessica . Created on 03 Dec, 2018
Is a clothes hanging place a wardrobe or a cupboard? I say both, but what do you say.
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JellyKat said 4 weeks ago
A cupboard is for cups, crockery etc and in the past had no doors and a couple of drawers for linen, like a tablecloth.
A wardrode has hanging space for clothes and has doors. It may also have some drawers for underwear.
Wardrobe is also where actors go for clothing when performing on a stage or film. Hope this helps
Julie said 4 weeks ago
A wardrobe or closet is used for clothes a cupboard is used for food or laundry
Bev said on Jan 9, 2019
Cupboard mainly has shelves. Wardrobe mainly for hanging clothes although wardrobes also have shelves.
Janice said on Dec 16, 2018
I have never heard a clothing closet referred to anything but wardrobe. I do not believe in changing words etc for the sake of changing it - I am not certain when wardrobe came into effect, but it certainly has been used for a very long time.
Bev said on Dec 8, 2018
Both my wardrobe has shelves and so do my cupboards
Terry said on Dec 4, 2018
Cup-board, store cups(crockery)
Ward-robe, store (ward) robes(clothes)
Leisa said on Dec 4, 2018
Zoe said on Dec 4, 2018
They’re two entirely different thing because I have a wardrobe with cupboards in it