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Is it time Australia had a Federal ICAC in light of the Federal Government Sports Rorts, Paying $30 million for land worth $3 million etc.?

By Lily . Created on 02 Oct, 2020
Federal Government Corruption needs a Federal ICAC
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Marion said 1 day ago
I voted yes but it would be a complete waste of time and money.. I think there should be a system in place where we, the people of Australia, can call for an election / change of leadership / change of minister etc.. We elect them, we should be able to sack them as soon as they prove unworthy / irresponsible / untrustworthy in the job...
Frank said 6 days ago
waste of money as nothing happens
Oceandust said a week ago
They ALL get away with it
Jacob said 3 weeks ago
ICACs are pretty useless, as they are funded by Government
Aaron+Nolan said 3 weeks ago
As much as I like to stamp out corruption, the royal commission into banking while revealing alarming trends, did not really amount to much in punitive actions
TC said 3 weeks ago
Sounds great in theory however, using the NSW ICAC as an example, look at those who have had a promising career destroyed only later to be found innocent, by over zealous commission members looking at feathering their own nest !!!!
Mrs said 3 weeks ago
More information on the land deal, arms deal etc needed to answer this question.
Robert said 3 weeks ago
As we have seen in practically all State and Teritory regimes in Australia - irrespective of which of the major parties is in power - there has been widespread Corrupt and Criminal behaviour throughout. This will be no different at the Federal level. There will be every bit, and probably more, as much Corruption and Criminal behaviour amongst our Federal Politicians and Public servants - including the Australian fed...
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PM said 3 weeks ago
Also recently exposed in the Qld Labor Government. Sports grants for labor electorates.