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Is my veiw worth it?

By Caitlin . Created on 05 Jul, 2021
Answer if you want
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Yes ig

Yes ig

No, it is a waste of time

No, it is a waste of time

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Valerie said a week ago
Not if it doesn't use spellcheck
Yes ig
Diane said 3 weeks ago
It keeps my old brain active for one, and it is so interesting seeing other peoples take on subjects of the moment. Also I can earn gift cards to keep my grandchildren happy for birthdays and Xmas, as I am on the pension I so appreciate the opportunity to be able to do this.
Yes ig
Bev said 3 weeks ago
I'd hope so. But please spell VIEW correctly.
Yes ig
Caitlin said 3 weeks ago
ok thanks Karen, ill be sure to spell Veiw correctly next time as it matters so so much and is a massive issue :)
Yes ig
Coleen said 3 days ago
Using "Karen" is childish and yes correct spelling is a massive issue, sad to think you don't!
No, it is a waste of time
Judith said 3 weeks ago
I am not getting any surveys to give my point of view. Feel like unsubscribing.
No, it is a waste of time
Frank said 4 weeks ago
I am starting to think not. I get much more through other sites
No, it is a waste of time
Richard said 4 weeks ago
I want to say YES . But not getting to do any survey's . hit the button that say's get stated , answer the first 5 or 6 questions , then say's unfortunatly this survey is not suited please try the next one. then get the same on the next one. lots of time spent getting knocked back for no rewards .
Yes ig
ChrisWho said 4 weeks ago
Definitely. Not only are you contributing your opinions on important subjects (such as this one ;-P) and helping developers with new products, what I earn supports my addictions (to music!).
Mrs said 4 weeks ago
Are you doing anything more important with your time? If not, why not. Besides the people who answer are the people who influence.