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Is your biggest regret...

By Jonas Piatza . Created on 06 Dec, 2018
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Something you did

Something you did

Something you didn't do

Something you didn't do

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Jules said on Jan 31, 2019
that's a hard one prob both
Raelene said on Jan 23, 2019
I have no regrets. Life is too short
Something you did
Anonymous said on Dec 16, 2018
I made two decisions that I do regret - both of these decisions have had a negative impact on my daughters and me (and as a consequence on my grandchildren). Some say we should not regret, but call it by any other name it is still regret.
Something you didn't do
Jenny said on Dec 11, 2018
Things i didn't do out of fear
Something you didn't do
Thomas said on Dec 10, 2018
Something you did
Linda said on Dec 10, 2018
I think most people feel they have made mistakes in their lives. However, I do not regret so much but just wish I had my time over so I would not make the same mistake/s but you only go by once so a waste of energy in wishful thinking. What is past is past so no use dwelling on it and just make sure never to repeat.
Bonnie 57 said on Dec 9, 2018
I don't think it is healthy to live with regrets, yes you can try to change the regret but what's done has happened it's history. The angst regret causes is unhealthy. I think learn from the regret and don't repeat it or become wiser from your actions.
Bev said on Dec 8, 2018
Wish now that i had spent more time at school