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Is your biggest regret...

By Jonas Piatza . Created on 06 Dec, 2018
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Something you did

Something you did

Something you didn't do

Something you didn't do

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Something you didn't do
Jenny said 5 days ago
Things i didn't do out of fear
Something you didn't do
Thomas said 5 days ago
Something you did
Linda said 6 days ago
I think most people feel they have made mistakes in their lives. However, I do not regret so much but just wish I had my time over so I would not make the same mistake/s but you only go by once so a waste of energy in wishful thinking. What is past is past so no use dwelling on it and just make sure never to repeat.
Bonnie 57 said 7 days ago
I don't think it is healthy to live with regrets, yes you can try to change the regret but what's done has happened it's history. The angst regret causes is unhealthy. I think learn from the regret and don't repeat it or become wiser from your actions.
Bev said a week ago
Wish now that i had spent more time at school
Rosemary Keir said a week ago
I would say something I did do but for the right reason
Something you did
Jason said a week ago
Both really both more so what i have done