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Kayaking or stand up paddle boarding

By Gary . Created on 03 Oct, 2021
Are you getting ready to get on the water this summer. Will you try/buy yourself a kayak or a stand up paddle board
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Stand up Paddle board

Stand up Paddle board

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Ecartar said 6 days ago
I used to enjoy Kayaking, can't get in or out of them these days.
Fiona said a week ago
Much more relaxing
Stand up Paddle board
Pr sampson said a week ago
Because the girl is cute
Guy said a week ago
To old to stand up all the time.
Stand up Paddle board
Kathy said a week ago
I chose stand up paddle board because one size fits all. I have had difficulty in the past finding a Kayak broad enough for me to fit comfortably. Stand up paddle boarding looks awesome.
Pete said a week ago
Not interested in watersports
A said a week ago
Like it
Mrs said a week ago
Neither. Used to love the kayak, but can't get down into it since the back started playing up.