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Keanu Reeves: Talented actor or terrible?

By Alexandra . Created on 09 Jul, 2019
Are you a John Wick fan and appreciate the smoldering intensity of its titular star? Or are you stuck on Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and think Keanu's career peaked in the early 90s?
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Tony said on Jul 16, 2019
one of the rare good and normal guy in Hollywood
Stacey Armstrong said on Jul 10, 2019
Helen said on Jul 10, 2019
Yes fabulous
braunhi said on Jul 10, 2019
I know he has had some bad films but I love this man
Maree said on Jul 12, 2019
Hi B,
I know he is one of your favourite actor so you can have him.
Guess which actor I will take on my holiday "Thelma & Louise"
holiday? M..
Robyn said on Jul 10, 2019
quite good in some movies
Jen said on Jul 10, 2019
sexy as hell . good actor now. iddiot earlier