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Now that we have a taste of 'work from home, have you decided to leave 'the big smoke' and look for a quieter lifestyle in the a rural or beach location?

By Bellamumma . Created on 07 Jan, 2021
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Mellymoo said 3 days ago
City has all close at hand
Chris said a week ago
Don't need to worry as I am a pensioner and my work is going to Uni for my undergraduate degree.
Joyce said a week ago
We have been very fortunate, the pandemic not having had any real effect on us. We live in a very small country town, in SA. My husband was deemed an essential worker but had to go to work, could not work from home. We made our lifestyle change to the country 20 years ago, thank googness.
Oceandust said 3 weeks ago
We did it the year before all this
Glenda said 3 weeks ago
I've been telecommuting for 4 years after making a Tree Change. It's fabulous once you set a schedule.
Ecartar said 3 weeks ago
I did the same over 5 years ago, great isn't it?
Brad said 3 weeks ago
Please don't. We love you visiting but no need to stay.
Mrs said 3 weeks ago
I work in a high contact industry - when I was allowed to - works much much better in person that over the phone. Always lived in the Country. So N/A
Evelyn said 3 weeks ago
have always worked from home before COVID and love it