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People who live in strata units have to abide by certain rules and conditions. Should people living in green title housing be made to abide by those same rules and who should be in control of that?

By Anonymous . Created on 08 Jan, 2020
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Sherrynne said on Jan 13, 2020
some committee members are just bullies to push there own boats with little consideration for others
Speccyiiii said on Jan 11, 2020
Building insurance is decided by a the strata committee. When to put the bins out is also decided by the strata committee. Who can park where is also decided by the strata committee, likewise what colour you can paint your gutters and doors, what vehicles are allowed to be parked on the property is decided by the strata committee (some tradie vehicles utes and vans are sometimes not allowed!) etc, etc... Why on eart...
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Luke said on Jan 11, 2020
the people on the committee make the rules.
Rosemary said on Jan 10, 2020
If you want to change the outside appearance it has to be agreed on.
In some cases there is only one water meter. In my opinion that is not fair as larger households use less
Mrs said on Jan 13, 2020
Larger households use less? are you saying that it takes less water to do the washing of 4 people than it does to do the washing of 1 person? Including baths and showers? I agree that all units should have their own water meters and pay there own way.
Linda said on Jan 9, 2020
If you decide to live in this type of property then yes you do have to follow the rules but somehow there are always those that don't and cause problems. Ask any strata title etc. resident.
Mrs said on Jan 9, 2020
Lets just all show respect to our neighbours. Now there is a novel idea.
Olga said on Jan 9, 2020
I love the idea to protect the environment, so we all had to abide with rules, starting at our own home!
Thomas said on Jan 8, 2020
You choose to live in a green world, you better be prepared to be controlled!