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Poncho vs Oodie who do you choose?

By Anonymous . Created on 07 Aug, 2020
I need to end the debate once and for all on what is better a poncho or an oodie! PLEASE CAN EVERYONE HELP ME END THIS DEBATE WITH MY PARTNER 😫 Thanks, stay safe, wear a mask, wash your hands, stay home. Haha
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Shaeshae said on Aug 28, 2020
if it has to be one of them, atleast the poncho can be made to look a bit sexy, I guess.
Georgina said on Aug 19, 2020
I have both, but for warmth, the Oodie wins hands down (I am cold-blooded lol), the poncho is awesome thou as can at least wear it up the street, and not look like your wearing a tea cosy, my hubby said I look like I am wearing a tea cosy when I have the Oodie on, I would NOT wear it up the street in a pink fit, but I would & have worn the poncho
Paul said on Aug 11, 2020
Never heard of an "Oodie", but going by the image provided, I'm imagining something like those things advertised for kids on the idiot box, something like a hoodie, but a sleeping bag type thing? The "Oodie" doesn't really do it for me sorry, but I do like, and always have, liked the look of the "Poncho" even though I doubt I'd wear one at my age. But all the same ........
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JellyKat said on Aug 7, 2020
Never heard of an oodie either.
Mrs said on Aug 7, 2020
Never heard of an Oodie.
Anonymous said on Aug 7, 2020
No way really? 😱
You should invest in one. It’s like the warmest, softest Blanket jumper out :)

That’s if you like bed attire though 🤗
Mrs said on Aug 8, 2020
Maybe best to accept that where I live bed attire is optional most of the year due to the nice warm weather. Though not right now in the middle of winter.