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Purebred or moggy cats? Which do you prefer?

By Melissa . Created on 11 Mar, 2019
Are you owned by a purebred or moggy cat?
Lifestyle 207 votes | 32 Comments




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Dorothy said 4 days ago
Neither I hate fats
Gary said 5 days ago
Better than purebred
Rose said 6 days ago
Moggy except if you have alergies then you need a pure breed
Veronica said 7 days ago
Nicole said 7 days ago
Love them both but moggy coats are normally easier to brush.
Traveller said a week ago
No option for neither so can't vote on this one
Emilyjune94 said a week ago
Hahaha ' Are you owned' not ' Do you own'... Very true statement right there. I've always adopted any pets, so many loveable fur babies need homes. Remember to de sex your pets! :)
Robert said a week ago
Cats are OK but need to be contained to protect native fauna.