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Rent a Small Unit or Small Apartment

By Nikita Mcdonald . Created on 13 Feb, 2020
Which is a cheaper option on a budget?
Lifestyle 89 votes | 5 Comments
Small Unit

Small Unit

Small Apartment

Small Apartment

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Small Unit
JellyKat said on Feb 17, 2020
A unit would not usually have any outside area, whereas an apartment may. So unit is more economical for common area upkeep etc.
Small Unit
Thomas said on Feb 16, 2020
Define unit and apartment in you mind.
Mrs said on Feb 16, 2020
Just go look round Gumtree, your local paper, and shopping centre notice boards. See what is there that is within your budjet and go look see. Could be anything, Apartment, Unit, part of a house that has been divided. Dont stand up the people you make appontments with their time is as important as yours. Take a list of names and numbers (2 to 5) references with you, get the name and phone number of the person who ...
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Small Unit
maxtraxv3 said on Feb 13, 2020
unit hands down, no question.
West Swan said on Feb 13, 2020
I thought units and apartments were the same thing?
Nikita Mcdonald said on Feb 13, 2020
Units here are a small line of buildings, apartments are slightly bigger in taller buildings
Mrs said on Feb 16, 2020
I think of apartments as bigger than units. Both can come in single or multiple story blocks.