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Short road trip or long road trip?

By Sophie . Created on 19 Jun., 2021
Do you prefer going for a day trip or stay for a few nights?
Travel and Tourism 185 votes | 17 Comments
Short trip

Short trip

Long Trip

Long Trip

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Mrs said on Jun. 30, 2021
This is Australia - a short road trip involves 2 nights - a long road trip involves a week. Or is it just that I live in WA that makes me think that.
Anthony said on Jun. 27, 2021
nothing beats a long road trip cruisin along taking your time no cares
Short trip
Frank said on Jun. 26, 2021
short now as have had my fill of long trips. From top to bottom of W.A and across the country
Long Trip
CILLY said on Jun. 26, 2021
Prefer long trips as short ones don't feel worthwhile
Long Trip
Druscilla said on Jun. 25, 2021
I love a few days away seeing other places & meeting new people !
Greg said on Jun. 25, 2021
Short trips if I'm payin for the fuel, long trips if I'm not payin for the gas
Kaye said on Jun. 25, 2021
Short trip
Hiroko said on Jun. 24, 2021
rather fly
Mrs said on Jun. 30, 2021
If going interstate I agree. But WA has far too much to see to waste it in a plane.