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Should 18yr both male and female automatically be retreated to the army for 3yrs

By Mojo . Created on 09 Jun, 2021
A lot of teens have no guidance, respect, discipline, morals or self worth. Going into the army at that age would give teens confidence, a trade and a sense of belonging.
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Barbara said 1 day ago
I don't know why it was stopped anyway
Alec said 6 days ago
I am a lazy 18 year old and i don't want to go to the army.
Cherie said a week ago
the ones that can not find jobs Only.
Brad said a week ago
I think this is more then just a yes or no question but has merit.
Harry said a week ago
wouldn't do them any harm.
Robert said a week ago
National Service of some sort ... YES Military? Not necessarily, there are plenty of volunteer Organisations that need more volunteers including (but not limited to) Rural Fire Services, SES, Marine Rescue ... And the list goes on. Those who choose NOT to be involved in the scheme can do so by choosing to pay an extra, (Yep, EXTRA) 10% in GST and ALL other relevant tax...
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Richard said 6 days ago
Ein Volk, eine Nation, ein Führer!
Twitchy said a week ago
I think its a challenging one, but in my view I believe any able bodied person should be drafted into the army reserve and not sent out to battle... Be apart of the group sent in to help on the home front during emergencies
ChrisWho said a week ago
This may work highly authoritarian societies like China, Japan, Korea but the extremely "independent" (nicest word I could come up with for it!) youth of western societies would destroy any semblance of discipline in short order. What we actually need is for people who have never had kids to stop determining how kids are raised. And probably for some parents to take an actual interest in their kids lives.