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Should America abolish the right of its citizens to own a gun?

By Anonymous . Created on 06 Apr, 2018
Currently a huge topic going around is that owing a gun in America should be made illegal. Do you believe with this statement or are you against it? Comment as to why you believe it should or should not be made illegal to all it citizen?
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Daniel Reynolds said on Dec 1, 2018
Mary said on Jul 26, 2018
Julie said on May 24, 2018
Yes but I think they are too afraid to do so. They still think that they will be invaded one day and will have to defend themselves personally. Well think again its going to be modern warfare with technology!
Teoni said on Apr 30, 2018
It is too easy to purchase guns in the United States and as result all the Latin American drug cartels from Mexico to Nicaragua get their guns straight from the United States (and the border police in Latin American countries can't keep up with the amount of guns smuggled into their countries) and through the violence they inflict they stay in power and stop their countries from developing. Instead of building ...
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Anonymous said on Apr 28, 2018
Any sane and capable individual who has an interest in shooting targets, vermin or hunting for the table should be allowed to practice their desired sport without hindrance from those who don't care to participate in the activity for personel reasons.
Mr White said on Apr 17, 2018
No brainer really - make it as difficult to get a gun as possible,
look at History for evidence to remove guns or items that can kill innocent humans....
War said on Jun 20, 2018
Cain killed Abel with a rock. My question for you is How do you remove all rocks? It's not the guns doing the killing it's the persons (idiots/morons) wielding them.
Phileppa said on Apr 16, 2018
wow 83% YES!
Susanne said on Apr 15, 2018
Too many people are killed in America. Too many children. Very proud of the recent protests of the young people.