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Should cigarettes be banned in such a way that it will never be legal for those not 18 today?

By Mike . Created on 07 Nov, 2019
So basically, if you were 18 or over as at 06/11/19 then you can buy, but if you were not then it will never be legal for you. Good idea or not?
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maxtraxv3 said 2 days ago
pfft where our sugar tax? that kill more people then smoking and alchol combined, even if we add every thing else that kills us in australia together it still kill more then any other thing.
David said 5 days ago
too hard to police and also sets a double standard
Mrs said 6 days ago
Banning them from the country will reduct the use and harm. But not stop it altogether. Thats the way life works. Yes the drug that kills the most people in Australia directly and indirectly today is Alcohol
clements said 6 days ago
if you ban them people will buy them on the black market.. so it doesn't help at all
Jannette65 said 7 days ago
They will get them even if under age.Always some friend will be old enough to get them.
maxtraxv3 said 3 days ago
i used to walk right up to the chinese deli they didnt seem to care what age i was.
Gary said 7 days ago
always on the smokes what about BOOZE kills people too ,govt making to much revenue to ban.
JulianL said 7 days ago
Yes, and then start moving the age up by 2 years, meaning the year of birth back by a year every year.
Pamela said 7 days ago
Yes but not sure how they would stop it as it does not work for underage drinking