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Should have NBN Co employees receive $77 million in bonuses last year despite the roll out being 4 years behind schedule and massively over budget, with some still unable to access adequate speeds.

By PM . Created on 17 Feb, 2021
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Woodi said on Apr 30, 2021
Use the money to fix the current problem!!!!
Marjorie said on Apr 12, 2021
Never, Never, Never - NO bonuses should be given to any employee or business unless they have got it right within limits. NO business or CEO should get bonuses for the same reason. Seems most CEO's get out when things are not going well and walk away with huge payouts AND BONUSES - WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ABOUT?
Wayne said on Mar 9, 2021
They should have made sure they did a proper Job at the outset of rolling it out.
Glenn said on Mar 2, 2021
I have ADSL2+ always works well, my neighbors all have nbn and come to use my landline to report their phone or internet problems.
Kate said on Feb 24, 2021
NBN is sh*t
Georgina said on Feb 23, 2021
NBN is an inordinate waste of taxpayer money & giving money to any employee of the NBN as an incentive for poor performance is just absurd
Olivia said on Feb 24, 2021
The NBN aims to enable more online connectivity and interactivity, & to improve the productivity of the growing 'digital economy. The LNP have always been terrible economic managers & it shows when they have more than doubled the net debt of Australia, Labors net debt was $273 Billion at the Sept. 2013 election. From 2013 to June 2020 the LNP have increased the net debt to $673 Billion, this figure doesn't include...
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Lee said on Feb 23, 2021
The nbn is a joke the cost and the amount of time it took to roll out is ridiculous in a world where technology is such a huge part of our lives we are so behind in our internet speeds when we swapped to nbn regretted it straight away a huge waste of money by the government and they shouldn’t of got bonuses they should of been sacked
Linda said on Feb 23, 2021
No, give the people a discount instead for this mediocre system which is costing more for little or no difference.