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Should international students be allowed to enter Australia at this time?

By MelDejgaard . Created on 17 May, 2021
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Rick said a week ago
Perhaps after strict rules being applied
Simads said a week ago
No should wait like everyone else till they sort out COVID
Helen said a week ago
No, until all Australians wishing to return are able to come home. Once this has happened then only via Quarantine and vaccinations requirements.
Caroline Grobe said 3 weeks ago
I voted No because its not a game Covid is a real killing virus and people need to grow up accusing Australia of being Racist Australia is one of the most multicultural places. Its nothing to do with race, ethnicity or anything like that its about overcoming this harsh virus. And finally getting back to normal again. Once everyone is vaccinated then people can start traveling and taking up all of our kids spots in o...
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Margaret said 3 weeks ago
If a two year old is infected & can get into Australia without being tested, I would prefer no person enter Australia without a test.
Katherine said 3 weeks ago
treat them the same as the returning travellers. Quarantine at the cost of the university or them selves not the taxpayer and then just get on with it. We have to try and get back to reality one day soon as Covid is here to stay in some shape or form.
Rebecca said 4 weeks ago
Like all sorts of other things education can be done remotely
Di said 4 weeks ago
I voted yes, BUT - should have longer quarantine to ensure no Covid. I actually think ALL incomers should have longer quarantine. I suppose, though, we have to get some C-19 through, to get the immunity. Not too sure how communities that have no, or very little exposure (like mine), will cope when it does hit.