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Should more Public Housing be made available for Pensioners, People on Welfare, Students and the Homeless?

By Scarlet . Created on 01 Oct, 2019
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Belinda said on Oct 23, 2019
That's a no brainer.
JellyKat said on Oct 16, 2019
The tax payer should not have to pay for everyone in need, but I believe the banks and other large companies should provide interest free loans or rental properties at a minimum cost.
Marion said on Oct 9, 2019
I live in public housing and have done so for over 40 years.. When we 1st moved here, my whole street was "Housing Commission" (as it was then) .. Now there are only 5 houses left that are still Public Housing.. The rest have all been sold off to private investors.. The State Governments don't care about Low Income Owners, Homeless. Pensioners etc.. All they are interested in is making money to make...
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Diane said on Oct 9, 2019
We never know what is around the corner for any of us, all these people need homes like we all do, in a country like ours, there should be not one person (except those who wish to) be sleeping rough or in cars etc., its shameful. Keep our money here and build some units etc.,
Caine said on Oct 2, 2019
There should be more public housing for the above or make a zero interest and easier approval for a home loans
Elizabeth said on Oct 1, 2019
i don't know but definitley for homeless as they do not have any home of their own.

i think better enforcement of real estate laws and random checks would go further to housing security for the private sector renting where i think about 48% of people reside in. ...
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Darl said on Oct 1, 2019
Definitely should have more public housing available for pensioners, it is a joke that people come to Australia from overseas and are given priority over people from Australia, it is very annoying as I am a pensioner and I have to pay private rent because there arent enough Housing 'homes' in close proximity of my family.
Dotty said on Oct 1, 2019
Sorry I never signed my last message !