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Should Religious Institutions be taxed when you consider how wealthy for example the Catholic Church & Hillsong are, just to name a few?

By Grace . Created on 02 Feb, 2021
Religious organisations have always been tax-exempt in Australia. This includes large bodies such as the Anglican and Catholic Churches, through to smaller ones such as the Church of Scientology, Seventh Day Adventist Church, and the Exclusive Bretheren. This is explicit under the Charities Act 2013. All churches are tax-exempt. No profitable religious companies pay more than a modicum of tax — if at all. Church exemptions include: income tax, GST, FBT, payroll tax, council rates, state government taxes, land tax, and local government taxes. Churches are not required by law to withhold income taxes from their ministers' pay, even if their ministers are employees for income tax purposes. ... Most churches are required to withhold income taxes from non-minister employees.
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YES - They should be taxed

YES - They should be taxed

NO - They should not be taxed

NO - They should not be taxed

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John said 1 day ago
Absolutely. Their exemption is a hangover from a bygone age and most of them abuse the privilege to a greater or lesser degree.
NO - They should not be taxed
David said 3 days ago
Rich is a relative term. Different religious bodies are asset rich but potentially cash poor in a similar manner to farmers and pastoralists. Depending on proposed levels of any taxation the potential is there to restrict their ability to fund charitable activities. No help from the Salvos and similar organisations?
NO - They should not be taxed
JT said 3 days ago
i think there should be a govt body who should oversee the actitivities of religious instituions coz i think some of them are not behaving appropriately !! i notice one shop of St vincent de Paul are selling items at a price that are higher or equal to the price most retail shops are selling for the same items ( brand new). .... the items that St Vincent de Paul are selling are donated goods and it is supposed...
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Veronica said 3 weeks ago
YES - They should be taxed
dorford said 3 weeks ago
Anyone can start up a new religion and it can be beneficial to the leaders, so yes.
NO - They should not be taxed
Heather said 3 weeks ago
Unless the income is far outweighing the expenditure it should not be taxed.
YES - They should be taxed
Geoff said 4 weeks ago
I voted YES but there could be tax offsets for demonstrated and effective community work outcomes.
YES - They should be taxed
Ecartar said 4 weeks ago
They are a business, so treat them like one as far as taxation is concerned.