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Should students be forced to take a gap year between highschool and university to volunteer within the community?

By Twitchy . Created on 15 Jun, 2021
The idea is that students are required to give back to the community and develop skills and interests before starting university. Many students starting university straight from high school are 17 or 18 years of age, lack a lot of experience in the world and may benefit from finding purpose in supporting the community before they study. This may also help young individuals to consider their passions earlier and develop skills needed in a chosen field of study. I.E ...Students planning to study medicine volunteering at a local hospital helping families find the ward they need, or assisting in places like the starlight room, Students planning to study education volunteering at a local school as a teacher's aide.
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Mrs said 4 weeks ago
Both of my children went straight to uni, and worked part time to cover the bills. They are now in the 25/35 age group and working/taking a upskilling break. I have come accross young people who took a gap year and then never went on. Some are unhappy and some happy with their choices. Everyone is different, so a yes or no answer does not cover reality.
EarthnWombat said on Jun 21, 2021
Anyone whose thoughts begin with, "Back in my day...", need to look at current era issues, not what it was several decades ago for them. Youth have been squeezed out of a prosperous future but those born to financial privilege.
Cherie said on Jun 20, 2021
I only went to school for the first seven years, being the oldest girl MY mother wrote a note to the education department that she needed me at home to help her in the house cleaning and cooking, so really I was born in the 1950 and in those days It was different.
Ecartar said on Jun 17, 2021
It will always be an individual choice.
Birgit said on Jun 17, 2021
No ,it should an individual choice
Anna said on Jun 17, 2021
They can study and work at the same time to be able to support themselves. Having a break can lead not to go for further study at all or much later in live.
Cherie said on Jun 16, 2021
Yes, if they want to its should be up to them.
Richard said on Jun 20, 2021
How would it be if LOGIC was applied to this question?
Simads said on Jun 16, 2021
Shouldn’t force it but encourage as depending on the student they may need to take a break from study before continuing on