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Should the govt bow to conservation lobby considering the mess with fires, or leave bush mana9to the prpfessionals

By Phil . Created on 14 Jan, 2020
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Conservation  no

Conservation no

Conservation yes

Conservation yes

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ChrisWho said on Jan 16, 2020
I'm considering starting my own survey - Should people posting polls pose legible questions and proofread their submissions prior to posting them?
Conservation  no
Naomi said on Feb 4, 2020
I agree Chris - morons shouldn't even attempt to post polls !!!
Mrs said on Jan 16, 2020
It would appear that you have not written a question that is clear to the readers. Let experts do their jobs in their fields and but out of others areas.
Mary said on Jan 15, 2020
Stupid question!!! And question doesn't even make sense!!? Aussie govt should listen to the professional firefighters, farmers and bush fire experts who KNOW HOW TO MINIMISE the damage from bush fires. AUSTRALIA ALWAYS HAS HAD BUSH FIRES. They are only worse this year because insufficient preparation to reduce fuel load has been carried out. BLOODY DAN ANDREWS HAS THE LIVES AND PROPERTIES ON HIS HEAD. YES...
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Teoni said on Jan 17, 2020
If we did listen to the firefighters you would hear them telling you about how the fires are getting more uncontrollable over the thirty years of experience many of the volunteers have even with fire managment practices in place.
SooziQu said on Jan 15, 2020
Which professionals are we talking about? The Country Fire Authoity? The Department of Environment and Energy? Regardless of people thinking the Greens are responsible for this (a political party that has never held power) the government needs a federal approach to managing resources, labour and money.
Conservation  no
Emeritus+Professor said on Jan 14, 2020
What is "mana9to the prpfessionals"? I don't understand this phrase and it probably will confuse others. Surveys need to clear and precise to have any effect.
Conservation yes
Coleen said on Jan 15, 2020
Polls - these are not surveys.
Leave "bush management" to the professionals? yes.