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Should the police crack down on failure to indicate?

By Beerbuz . Created on 16 Feb, 2020
It seems like more and more people don't indicate or indicate as they are turning the wheel of their car.
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Who cares

Who cares

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Frank said on Feb 22, 2020
i thought it was part of the road rules that you give adequate notice of your intentions
Anne said on Feb 21, 2020
There are definitely too many people who don't bother to signal and sometimes it can be downright dangerous. The police should issue fines for non compliance
Mrs said on Feb 17, 2020
It is part of correct driver training, and if you need to know when to indicate to get your licence, why slack off once you have the paper in hand. Bit like saying, I know how to drive now, so I will forget all the rules and run over the pedestrian.
Who cares
Chris said on Feb 17, 2020
If you drive with enough space and awareness, it doesn't really matter. You can't fully trust what another driver will do, even when they do indicate. watch their actions and drive accordingly.
Chill out peoples!
misha65 said on Feb 17, 2020
It should be a $200 fine on the spot for these idiots that cannot flick their indicator up or down and if caught 3 times then 6 months loss of licence and have to sit for driving test all over again so they learn how to do it.
Helen said on Feb 17, 2020
yes definitely it would stop many trafic and pedestrian accidents it is a legal requirement to do so. A few demerit points and a fine may help them to change their bad habits..... But Ihardly see any traffic police on the roads anymore, so it is easier for people to get away with it these days and it can end up being a dangerous situation.
Chris said on Feb 16, 2020
Definitely. There are times when a car in front has been turning left but with no indication, I am expecting them to go straight on, but suddenly they slow down - it would be so much safer and more respectful of other drivers if people indicated their movements. Not only that, it is a legal requirement to do so. A few demerit points and a fine may help them to change their bad habits..... But I rarely see tra...
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Harry said on Feb 16, 2020
Queenslanders don't seem to know what an indicator is! But maybe it is the influx of migrants from countries where traffic is chaotic and no rules apply.