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Should there be a dedicated music school to help with a music career?

By Kaylee . Created on 14 Nov, 2018
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Pamela said a week ago
There already is - it is called the Conservatory of Music !!!
Amber said 4 weeks ago
As a musician I think it is a good idea however a child should not decide to go to a school that’s solely dedicated because music is a very hard thing to make a career out of. And many students often change there minds. Most schools have amazing music co curriculums that should be mandatory and the students can then choose to continue their passion into uni once knowing all the risks.
Daniel said 4 weeks ago
Good idea
Melanie said 4 weeks ago
Music in all schools yes but not a solely dedicated one for music
Bonnie 57 said 4 weeks ago
I think music is universal and should be taught in schools.
Walkies said 4 weeks ago
I mean, you can start with something for after school, which has prime-quality teachers, like Yamaha Music School... there's one nearby me in Carnegie, in Melbourne, for instance..
Or Box Hill TAFE, if you're an adult..? Chris Cheney from The Living End studied there and apparently scored 99%
Sherrynne said on Nov 17, 2018
The condservatorium is to excluvise ,needs to be some where more readly avaible to all who want to study music
Kylskani said on Nov 15, 2018
I thought there already was??