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Should there be a Royal Commision into Victoria's handling of the Hotel Quarantine program

By Edward . Created on 17 Nov, 2020
Current Affairs 37 votes | 2 Comments




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Ecartar said 5 days ago
Why waste more time, money & energy on Royal Commissions, just get on with fixing the issues and ensuring protocols are in place to prevent any repeat.
Mrs said 3 weeks ago
At this rate half the country will be employed on Royal commissions and nothing useful will be getting done in the real world.
TC said 3 weeks ago
Well said Mrs, why have a Royal Commission when any person with half a brain knows the problems & the solutions, including the fact that the enquiry will achieve nothing except loot the Government coffers !!
Aaron+Nolan said a week ago
We seem to be having Royal Commissions in to everything these days. As Mrs and TC have worded what I would like to say better than I can think of the words for "Seriously another one"? I am beginning to ask has anyone with a government been IQ tested or passed the ethics board lately?