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Should they add steam gift cards

By Nate . Created on 17 Jul, 2019
Steam cards on this app? Ye/Nah
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Moorfstar said on Jul 25, 2019
100% yes
Flipper said on Jul 24, 2019
What even is that?
Nate said on Aug 11, 2019
You can download games and software with steam
Narehme said on Jul 22, 2019
Yes, they should, there are a lot of great games and DLC, so gift cards would be great.
Sean said on Jul 19, 2019
I play a lot of steam games
Bey said on Jul 18, 2019
I don't see why not...
Anonymous said on Jul 17, 2019
PayPal would be better but steam would also be pretty cool.
Nikki said on Jul 17, 2019
Definitely Paypal would be good
Alan said on Jul 17, 2019
Better still, add paypal so you can buy from wherever you want, inc steam.