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Should Tim Paine remain in the Australian cricket team

By Terry . Created on 22 Nov., 2021
Sports 146 votes | 26 Comments




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dorford said 1 day ago
And neither should Smith and Warner. They are a total disgrace and an embarrassment to Australian sport.
JadziaOz said 2 days ago
YAAAAAWN...who really cares?
Richard said 3 days ago
Well said Linda. No one else's business.
Robert said 3 days ago
hey others have donr same thing in high places so why ban tim hes our best keeper and been a great caption . remember other players of sport have done things too warner/ smith /warne and there still part of cricket as players and commonators
Martin said 5 days ago
It sad that had to get to this as the old Cricket Board was at fault and su h is the mess. But it had to be what it turned out to be and the Team now moves on and prparee for the ASHES.
Dudleigh said 5 days ago
He has done nothing wrong to hurt the game.
Linda said 5 days ago
Adult problem dealt with by the adult people involved. No one else's business. Had nothing to do with his cricket playing. Too much of this personal assignation these days. Why did someone bring it up now. Perhaps to upset the Aussies or Tim Paine but this could also impact on his marriage after they had worked through it. Who ever did this should be ashamed and I hope someone lets them know in no uncertain ter...
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Frank said 6 days ago
I personally think there are better batsman/ keepers out there