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By lisa1963 . Created on 27 Dec, 2019
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PurpleKiwi said 7 days ago
Yes, but only in extreme situations, like the one right now.
dalek said a week ago
I said NO but do think there should be some sort of compensation if they are fighting fires for a long period
Julie said 3 weeks ago
Depends. If it was say on the weekend and only a day or two MAX, then maybe not, but what we are experiencing at the moment, these men and women are facing a living hell day in and day out! You could not pay them enough for their bravery and courage. BARE MINIMUM THEY SHOULD HAVE THEIR NORMAL WAGES COVERED SO THEY ARE NOT OUT OF POCKET. GOD BLESS THEM ALL!!!
Janine said 3 weeks ago
Definitely YES, these guys put their lives at risk every time they attend a fire
Frank said 3 weeks ago
These angels deserve all the accolades and and need to pay their bills and keep their families so YES they should be paid
JadziaOz said 3 weeks ago
All service jobs should be paid only - there should be no such thing as volunteer firefighters, paramedics, police, nurses, etc. They should all receive the same consideration as "career" firefighters/paramedics/emergency services people etc. They risk their own lives to protect ours, and many are going broke without wages while they fight to save property and lives.
Hannah Palmer said 3 weeks ago
Ha, have fun funding that. We would have no money for anything else.
Scott said 4 weeks ago
If they got paid, they wouldn't be volunteers !!!
Opens up a can of worms - workers comp, interstate or overseas firefighters, every idiots wanting to be a bush firefighter for money. Takes the goodwill away.
Kellie Burns said 3 weeks ago
I agree.....maybe a compensation that for major catastrophes if you lose wages
Pommie Bear said 4 weeks ago
In these difficult situations, yes.