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Should wild animals be kept in a zoo or there natural habitat

By Emily Potter . Created on 30 Sep, 2019
Alot of animals we see at the zoo seem sad and depressed but do you think maybe they are ok in a zoo to help them from going extinct or should animals be in there natural environment and we make it more of an effort to protect them?
Travel and Tourism 148 votes | 9 Comments
Zoo is fine

Zoo is fine

No natural habitat

No natural habitat

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No natural habitat
Belinda said on Oct 23, 2019
There own habitat. How would you like to be put in a cell.
Diane said on Oct 9, 2019
So if you support Zoos, the poor captive creatures have to suffer for us humans, really? If the tables were turned, would you go into a cage or concrete jungle, with animals staring in at you etc etc, I think not!
Zoo is fine
Anonymous said on Oct 6, 2019
I think this question is missguided and capsiosos. Zoos not only support a lot of research to understand animal ecology and their threats, but also support conservation actions to reduce those threats in the wild. I voted for "zoo is fine" but not because I think zoos are better that wild, but for zoos are a conservation action
Paul said on Oct 1, 2019
voted for natural habitat but with habitats gradually disappearing zoo would probably be best alternative
Mrs said on Sep 30, 2019
Another question that is like asking how long is a piece of string. Obviously they should be living naturally as much as possible, but being preserved from extinction in Zoos at the same time. Some Zoos are not ideal, but most are improving over time as we learn better to give the most natural environment possible outside the wild. And banning Zoos will instantly kill over 10 species who no longer have a viable natu...
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Anonymous said on Oct 1, 2019
Well said !!
Anonymous said on Sep 30, 2019
This is hard because zoo’s help to breed endangered animals
So I’m a bit torn with this question!
Zoo is fine
Dianne said on Oct 1, 2019
i totally agree with you
No natural habitat
Debbie said on Sep 30, 2019
Such an unnatural act for such wild animals
Zoo is fine
Anonymous said on Sep 30, 2019
I think if the animals are in the wild they would become extinct so having them in a zoo is ok