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Should you name a child after family member?

By Laurenmo . Created on 16 Dec, 2020
Keeping the tradition of naming a child after family member? Or choosing a new name, not used by someone else
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Joyce said a week ago
I don't think it is particularly important. Neither of my children were named after a family member, they have their own names. I was named after an aunt for my middle name, but my parents shortened the name from Josephine, thank goodness, as it became the name I have always been called.
Maree said a week ago
people are proud to have their name live on!
Marion said 4 weeks ago
I have not voted either way as I think it is purely a personal choice.. I was asked to name my daughter after a relative I had never heard of so refused. My daughter has given HER daughter my mum's name as her middle name. She said she wanted to honour and remember her nanny.. As I said, it should always and only be a personal choice of the parents.
Julie said 4 weeks ago
You may not have a good relationship with the person. There is a chance you could upset other family members.
Cathy said 4 weeks ago
As a middle name only and only one as too many is I think is excessive.
Michael said 4 weeks ago
I believe it is an honor to both.
Qmichael said on Dec 20, 2020
yes, why not
MA said on Dec 19, 2020
yes follow the trdition we did