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Soft Nice HUGS or Strong Tight HUGS

By Anonymous . Created on 19 Nov, 2019
Lifestyle 156 votes | 7 Comments
Soft Nice HUGS

Soft Nice HUGS

Strong Tight HUGS

Strong Tight HUGS

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Melinda Nathan said on Nov 24, 2019
Strong tight hugs for sure
Cath said on Nov 22, 2019
It depends on the situation... HONEST GENUINE hugs !!
Retiree said on Nov 22, 2019
Hugs are a very personal thing - my first reaction is sexual abuse as that is how it often begins.
Anonymous said on Nov 21, 2019
all hugs create a space for human connectons
Strong Tight HUGS
Trevor said on Nov 21, 2019
I like hugs with purpose...
Strong Tight HUGS
mitch said on Nov 21, 2019
strong hugs are cute
Soft Nice HUGS
Abdul said on Nov 21, 2019
im not a teddy