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Soft Nice HUGS or Strong Tight HUGS

By Luis . Created on 19 Nov, 2019
Lifestyle 129 votes | 7 Comments
Soft Nice HUGS

Soft Nice HUGS

Strong Tight HUGS

Strong Tight HUGS

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Melinda Nathan said 3 weeks ago
Strong tight hugs for sure
Cath said 3 weeks ago
It depends on the situation... HONEST GENUINE hugs !!
Retiree said 3 weeks ago
Hugs are a very personal thing - my first reaction is sexual abuse as that is how it often begins.
Adele said 3 weeks ago
all hugs create a space for human connectons
Strong Tight HUGS
Trevor said 3 weeks ago
I like hugs with purpose...
Strong Tight HUGS
mitch said 3 weeks ago
strong hugs are cute
Soft Nice HUGS
Abdul said 3 weeks ago
im not a teddy