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Someone is watching? Which start with?

By Mayerli . Created on 12 Jan, 2021
Two different Netflix Series. Romanticism and power!!! Hey people... Hey world... Which one better to start?
Movies and TV 76 votes | 9 Comments
1. Lupin

1. Lupin

2. Bridgerton

2. Bridgerton

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2. Bridgerton
Kylie said 4 days ago
It took a few episodes but I really enjoyed Bridgerton
Mrs said 6 days ago
Please folks - don't be negative. Some people are forced to isolate at home and dont have much room to do much but watch TV Be greatful it is not you.
Retiree said 7 days ago
point of this? Who cares. Contributes NOTHING to a real life. Suggest you get one.
1. Lupin
Vicki said a week ago
both are brilliant
1. Lupin
Frank said a week ago
no Idea as I dont watch rubbish
mumandnan said a week ago
Who cares!
TC said a week ago
Get a life !!!!
2. Bridgerton
Pauline said a week ago
Bridgestone was a marvellous, funny & intelligent series. More like this one please!