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Summer or Winter

By Anonymous . Created on 30 Oct, 2019
Which do you prefer?
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Pamela said on Nov 7, 2019
Winter as I cannot stand the heat when it gets in the high 30s there is only so much clothes you can remove before you are in trouble
Vicki said on Nov 2, 2019
I don't like the humidity that we have here in the January/February months.
Julieann said on Oct 31, 2019
Winter always
Darren said on Oct 31, 2019
I like summer but hate the hot, humid days, so that's why I chose winter
Dotty said on Oct 31, 2019
I prefer Winter as at least it cost's less to keep warm than it does to keep cool !
Although I really like the spring best !
But been very hot for spring this year !
Gary said on Oct 31, 2019
As long as it's not too hot.
Leanne said on Oct 30, 2019
The winter is a lot better as you can rug up to keep warm.Summer you could be naked and still be hot.Prefer winter any day.
Anonymous said on Oct 30, 2019
I do not like the heat at all, but it helps to have a swimming pool even if it is only a 3 metre round one lol. I prefer autumn the most.