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Surprise engagement ring or picking it yourself

By Pax Dearle . Created on 08 Feb, 2020
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Picking yourself

Picking yourself

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JellyKat said on Feb 17, 2020
Pick together
Picking yourself
Tara said on Feb 15, 2020
I think picking or making one together
Mrs said on Feb 11, 2020
Pick it together - he goes to the store before hand and lets them know which price range to bring out - then she picks from the selection. Win win. It's what we did and my sisters too.
Picking yourself
Thomas said on Feb 11, 2020
U betta let her pick it or U will hear about it for the rest of your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Picking yourself
Anonymous said on Feb 9, 2020
either just had to pick one
Danni said on Feb 9, 2020
Simon said on Feb 9, 2020
If surprise someone, they don't know how much you have paid for it. Bargain !!!
Rochelle said on Feb 8, 2020
I Love surprises so I would go with not knowing and not choosing my own ring.